Iranians who coached abroad / from immigrants to three independents

According to the Mehr reporter, Farhad Majidi, the former head coach of Esteghlal, left the team after the undefeated championship with the team in the 21st season of the Premier League, and left the UAE national league to become the head coach of the “Al-Ittihad Kalba” team. Continue his coaching career.

Different comments have been made about the principle of separation and how he separated from the Blues, and this issue has pros and cons, regardless of these discussions, it can be said that Majidi may be transferred from the Iranian League to the Persian Gulf Leagues in a new way to Iranian football. Open and after Majidi, coaches can still be transferred from Iran League.

The most well-known and first Iranian coach to experience the atmosphere of coaching abroad at the national and club levels was the former head coach of the Iranian national team, Heshmat Mohajerani.

The first and most famous

Mohajerani, who was the first coach to lead the Iranian national team to the World Cup and participated in the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, first appeared on the bench of a team other than an Iranian team in 1979, taking charge of the UAE’s Shaab team. Experienced.

Just one season of leading the Al-Shaab team was enough to entrust the leadership of the UAE national team to this Iranian coach, so that Mohajerani becomes the first Iranian coach to lead the two national teams.

This experienced Iranian coach became the head coach of Al-Wahda UAE team for two seasons after leading the UAE for 4 years, and then took over as the head coach of the Oman national team, where he once faced the Iranian national team as the head coach of Oman.

Mohajerani returned to the UAE after two years of coaching in Oman, and this time he became the head coach of Al-Ahly, and after one season in the team and before returning to Iran, he led the Omid UAE football team for two years. Had.

Mohajerani should be considered the most international Iranian coach with experience working in two countries except Iran, and also the only Iranian coach who, in addition to leading the Iranian national team, has also experienced coaching two other national teams.

Another Iranian coach who was transferred from the heart of Iranian football is Nasser Hejazi, a veteran of Esteghlal. Arrived and also participated in the Asian Clubs Cup.

Heshmat Mohajerani was the first coach to experience working outside of Iran as a head coach

Straight from independence

Hejazi also worked as the head coach of the Bangladesh national team for a short period of time and soon resigned from this team and continued coaching in Iran.

Presence in 4 countries

Jalal Talebi can be mentioned among other well-known Iranian coaches who went from coaching Iranian football to coaching abroad. Talebi, who was the head coach of the Iranian national team in the 1998 World Cup in France, started coaching with the Daraei team in Tehran in the early 1950s, and for the first time in 1980, he experienced coaching outside of Iran by appearing on the bench of the UAE Gulf football team.

Talebi worked as the head coach of the Emirati team for 6 consecutive years. After a break of about a decade, he joined the Guilang Singapore team to coach in the second country. After coaching Gilang for a season, he went to Indonesia to lead the Omid team in Indonesia and then returned to Iran for a while.

Talebi also became the head coach of the Syrian national team in 2001, and after a year in the national team, he led the “Talieh” team in Syria. This coach with Iranian experience has also led the national teams of the two countries and in total, in addition to Iran, he has coached in 4 countries: UAE, Indonesia, Singapore and Syria.

Unrest in Oman

Former Esteghlal striker Abbas Sorkhab is another Iranian coach who worked as a coach for two seasons in the Oman Football League, but no media work was done about him.

Sorkhab, who was one of the most marginalized during his football career, also experienced his presence in Oman football as a coach-legionnaire, but few people in Iranian football had noticed this issue. In these two seasons, Sorkhab led the “Jalan” football team in the Oman National League.

Sorkhab, who has twice played in the Asian final and once in the Asian Championship during his playing career with Esteghlal, also won the title of the best player of Asia in 1990 and coached in Iran with the Hamedan Municipality team. started. Although Sorkhab was one of the most successful coaches in the country’s first division leagues, he never had the opportunity to participate in the Premier League, and yet he was able to experience coaching outside of Iran in Oman.

Iranians who coached abroad / from immigrants to three independents
Abbas Sorkhab is an Iranian coach who experienced two seasons in the Oman League

Other Iranian coaches with work experience outside of Iran

Apart from Mohajerani, Hejazi, Talebi and Sorkhab, there were other Iranian coaches who have experienced coaching in leagues outside Iran that have not been promoted from Iranian leagues to foreign leagues. Among the most important Iranian coaches working outside of Iran, we can mention Alex Nouri, Afshin Ghotbi, Mohammad Reza Perkas, Omid Namazi and others.

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