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According to Mehr news agency, freelancers Since this morning – Saturday, 18th of September, the deaf youth faced their opponents in the fifth round of the 2023 Deaf World Wrestling Championship in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and in the end won the runner-up title by winning 6 colorful medals, Kazakhstan stood on the first platform and Turkey third. became.

For the Iranian team, Alireza Ramezani and Bahnia Emami won the gold medal, Shahrukh Shekohi and Abolfazl Mohammadi won the silver medal, and Yashar Hosseini and Mohammad Hassan Rahimi won the bronze medal.

The results of the youth freelance competitions are as follows:

In the 57 kg weight, Alireza Ramezani defeated the Ukrainian wrestler 10:0 in the first round, and 12:2 in the second round. Kazakh He defeated himself, defeated the American wrestler 10-0 in the semi-final and defeated the Turkish wrestler 13-0 in the final and became the champion.

In the weight of 79 kg, Bahnia Emami is a wrestler in the first round Kazakh took the lead with a result of 10-0 and defeated the Turkish wrestler 10-0 in the second round and won the gold medal.

In the weight of 61 kg, Shahrukh Shokohi defeated the Turkish opponent with a technical knockout and in the second fight, he defeated the Kazakh wrestler with a technical knockout in the final against the Indian wrestler and won the silver medal.

In the weight of 65 kg, Abolfazl Mohammadi defeated the Armenian wrestler by technical knockout in the first round. Kazakh and won the silver medal of the competition.

In the weight of 74 kg, Yashar Hosseini won 8:1 in the first match Kyrgyz Hosseini was declared the winner of the field due to the withdrawal of the Turkish opponent in the second wrestling match. Hosseini received a technical blow against the Ukrainian wrestler and won the bronze medal.

In the weight of 86 kg, Mohammad Hassan Rahimi was a wrestler in the first round Kazakh defeated 13-0 and in his second match he lost 12-4 to the American wrestler and won the bronze medal.

In the weight of 70 kg, Seyyed Amir Abbas Razzaghi was technical hit against the Turkish opponent and in the second fight he lost 13:3 to the Armenian wrestler, he was defeated 11:0 against the Kazakh wrestler.

The Deaf Adult Freestyle Wrestling World Championship will be held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan from tomorrow morning – Sunday, September 19.

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