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Iran’s national team is tied in the thought of revenge against Cuba/ Italy’s fate – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr News Agency, the men’s volleyball competition of the first selection group for the 2024 Paris Olympics, which started on October 8th and was hosted by the city of Rio de Janeiro, will end tonight (Sunday, October 16th).

Iran’s national volleyball team will face Cuba in its seventh and last match in these competitions from 20:00.

The two teams of Iran and Cuba have faced each other 10 times in history, with five wins recorded for each, and tonight’s fight between the two teams is considered the best in history because the winner will achieve their sixth win against the opponent.

The last match between the two teams of Iran and Cuba was in the League of Nations 2023, when Iran’s men lost three to two, and Alireza Tolokian’s students will face Cuba for revenge.

So far, the participation of the German team from this group in the Olympics has been confirmed, and the three teams of Brazil, Italy and Cuba are hoping for the second quota. Brazil and Italy face each other on the last day of the tournament, and Cuba is also Iran’s opponent. The Italian team hopes to keep the remaining quota with the defeat of the host Brazil, but this issue depends on the defeat of Cuba against Iran, so the fate of the azure-clad men is tied in the claws of Iranian volleyball men, because the number of wins, points and even GPA The two teams of Italy and Cuba are equal, and the smallest slip of the Italian men will mean Cuba’s promotion to the Olympics.

The Cuban national volleyball team has participated in seven Olympic Games in its work file, and the best title won by this team in 1976 is the bronze medal and the third place.

This team participated in the men’s world championship for the first time in 1956, and in 14 participations, it has won two runner-up positions in 1990 and 2010, as well as two bronze medals and third place in 1978 and 1998.

Cuba’s national volleyball team has participated in the Volleyball World Cup for eight times and has been on the podium five times. He became the champion in 1989, the runner-up in 1981, 1991 and 1999, and in 1997 he won the third place and bronze medal.

The history and results of official meetings between Iran and Cuba are as follows:

1991 (World Cup): Iran (0) – Cuba (3)

1998 (World Championship): Iran (0) – Cuba (3)

2009 (Champions Cup): Iran (1) – Cuba (3)

2011 (World Cup): Iran (0) – Cuba (3)

2013 (World League): Iran (3) – Cuba (2)

2013 (World League): Iran (3) – Cuba (1)

2016 (Olympics): Iran (3) – Cuba (zero)

2018 (World Championship): Iran (3) – Cuba (1)

2019 (Olympic / intercontinental selection): Iran (3) – Cuba (2)

2023 (League of Nations): Iran (2) – Cuba (3)

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