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Kerman copper on the way to destruction?

According to the sports reporter of Fars News Agency, Mes Kerman football team, which was in the Premier League last season, was relegated to League One this season, and it was expected that this team would be one of the contenders and good teams in League One, but after holding 7 This team has been in a chaotic situation for a week from League One and is in the 15th place of the league table with 5 points. On the other hand, Mahmoud Mahmoudinia, the head coach of the team, after seeing the situation of the club after three or four weeks, preferred to resign from his position and leave. Currently, Mehdi Namjoo, his assistant, is the technical leader of the team.

Apart from the technical situation and the conclusion, Mes Club has a bigger and more fundamental problem, and that is not having the proper budget to pay the contracts of its players. One of the members of the team told Fars news agency in this regard: “The players have not received a proper reception this season and this has caused them dissatisfaction. On the other hand, the previous managers of the club have signed significant contracts with the players for the new season, but they are currently The club has faced many problems to pay its obligations.

It seems that Mes Kerman Club, which once experienced participation in the Asian Champions League, is now on the path of destruction! Some pessimistic football experts of Kerman Province say that Mes Kerman may suffer the same fate as Mes Sarcheshme! A team that was present in League 1, but its points were given away and the team has been dissolved. On the other hand, this club does not only have a football team, but also teams in more than 15 sports, all of which have a financial burden for the club. In this way, Mes Kerman’s situation in League One has become very bad and complicated.

Mes Kerman lost at home against Khyber Khorramabad in the seventh week of the Premier League to make its situation more complicated than ever. If the managers of Mes Company do not pay attention to this club, one of the oldest football teams in our country may soon suffer the bitter fate of clubs such as Sabai Qom, Tehran Railway, Pikan, Abu Muslim, etc.

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