League organization to the clubs: do not make a statement

According to the Tasnim news agency and quoted from the public relations of the Iran Football League, Mohammad Reza Kishorifard sent a letter to the CEOs of Premier League and League One clubs, requesting that the clubs not issue a statement.

The text of the letter is as follows:

“Greetings and Regards;

It is brought to the notice that according to the approvals of the coordination meetings of the honorable judicial bodies of the Football Federation with the honorable president of the federation and the league organization, and considering that any claim of the clubs’ rights based on the regulations and instructions issued should be requested for consideration through the relevant authorities in this organization and the football federation. take But unfortunately, last season, the clubs used to protest in executive matters, arbitration and other matters by issuing statements and through mass and public media. society becomes

However, due to the fact that this procedure of “publishing a statement” has continued with the start of the transfer season by some clubs, according to the emphasis of the independent judicial committees of the federation, any objections of the clubs in all cases should be sent to the league organization through the highest authority of the club, the “CEO”. be dealt with

According to the emphasis of the independent judicial authorities of the federation, any rights of the clubs within the framework of the regulations and statutes can only be investigated and pursued through the request of the CEO by presenting valid reasons and documents, and in this regard, sending statements and interviews, outside the regulations and statutes of the football federation. and it is expected that the respected managers of the clubs, in order to prevent adverse legal, social and judicial consequences to all agents and workers under their management, emphasize the importance of observing disciplinary and judicial instructions and inform the relevant agents of “technical, sports, supervision, management and other members of the club “to inform”.

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