Mansoorian: I want to represent the Islamic world in the UFC

According to IRNA, “Goddess Mansoorian” The world wushu champion, who has been participating in professional martial arts competitions for several years, spoke to the site mmacrossfire He stated: My goal is to attend the highest level of mixed martial arts. I want to fight in the UFC and I will train hard in this regard.

“If you choose me to attend the UFC, I will be the only Muslim female athlete who can represent a large group,” she told the UFC president. There are currently no Muslim women in the UFC. I can enter the competitions with my hijab and bring all Muslims to the position I intend. It could bring in more revenue for the UFC, and I think that’s an idea that will come to fruition. I want to represent the Islamic world.

The world wushu champion continued: “I watch the UFC fights and as a Muslim woman I can do it myself. This is my job and I want the world to see it. This is very big in the Islamic world as well as for Iranians. I am currently practicing and fighting in MMA. I want to make sure I can get there, so I train hard for that.

Mansoorian stated: I watch the fights of “Rose Namajonas”, the UFC women’s lightweight champion. We follow each other on Instagram and I watched his struggles closely. He is a very tough fighter. He lost his belt but took it back. I also follow Connor McGregor and Habib Nurmagomedov.

He said: “Wrestling is very important for Iranians and I have a wrestling style from wushu and I work on my own style. One day you will see me in the UFC. I’m really trying to achieve this.


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