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Maskan Bank has paid more than 54 thousand billion Rials in facilities

According to the financial news report, quoted by Bank Maskan-Hibna news site, Seyed Mohsen Fazelian, a member of the board of directors and vice president of credit affairs of Maskan Bank, said about the payment of Qarz al-Hasnah facilities by this bank: Qarz al-Hasnah facilities are among the facilities that Bank Maksan looks at. It also looks at social responsibility and in this context, according to the emphasis made, it has even paid more facilities than the intended amount in granting some facilities such as marriage loan.

He added: In 1400, Maskan Bank paid 31,000 billion Rials, which is about twice the quota announced by the Central Bank, which was equal to 16,176 billion Rials, and provided marriage loan facilities.

Fazelian clarified: Considering that the granting of marriage loan facilities has always been one of the priorities of Maskan Bank, this bank has paid more than 19,000 marriage loan facilities in the amount of more than 26 thousand billion rials until the second of February of this year. Is.

A member of the board of directors of Maskan Bank, referring to the payment of job creation facilities in this bank, said: Bank Maskan has paid 19 thousand 606 facilities in the field of job creation loan facilities until February 2nd of this year, amounting to 17 thousand 289 billion Rials. It shows the growth of 114% in the payment of this facility in Housing Bank.

He added: the total facilities granted by Maskan Bank in the field of loans (including loans for marriage, job creation, childbearing, etc.) up to the mentioned date of this year has been more than 54 thousand billion Rials, which includes 77 thousand and 951 items of facilities. This amount of facilities provided by Maskan Bank shows that until the 2nd of February of this year, the performance of Maskan Bank has grown significantly compared to last year, and in the field of the number of payment facilities, there has been a growth of 61%, and in the field of the amount of payment, the performance of the bank has increased by 60%. has been accompanied

Fazelian clarified: the growth of the loan facility payment and the non-housing facilities sector, while Bank Maskan, as a specialized development bank in the field of housing, in the sectors of granting facilities of the National Housing Movement and housing deposits, etc., has also been growing and in the whole facilities The grant of this bank this year has been more than one thousand billion rials.

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