Midfielder Zad Golmohammadi will remain in Persepolis!

According to Mehr reporter, one of the players who was on Yahya Golmohammadi’s surplus list for the second half of the Premier League season was Siamak Nemati, an experienced midfielder of Sarkhpoushan, who negotiated with the club officials to leave the team in the past few days.

This player, who was said to join one of the two teams, Foulad or Tractor, could not reach an agreement with the club to terminate his contract in the last hours of the transfer, and he ended up staying with the Reds.

Persepolis club had offered 4 billion Tomans to terminate the contract for the player’s departure, but the parties did not reach an agreement on this matter.

Hamed Pakdel was another player of Mazad Golmohammadi who joined Tractor Tabriz football team.

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