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According to Mehr reporter, while it was expected that the national freestyle wrestling team of Iran would go to Paris with the technical staff of recent months, the head coach of this team, Pejman, did not announce any specific reason on Saturday. Get away from him get Kurd to Mohsen Kaveh replace him.

Mohsen Kaveh said in an interview with Mehr reporter about his selection as the head coach of the national free wrestling team: This was the most difficult offer I faced. Our dear honest Pejman, but due to family problems, he could not accompany the national team.

He continued: That’s why I was appointed to do my duty and take this responsibility. We started planning for the team from this morning. There are 8 months left until the Olympics and we have a tough job ahead of us. I hope we can continue training in the best form.

In response to the question that he has assumed a heavy responsibility and now everyone expects to win a medal in the Olympics from free wrestling, he said: “It is a difficult task, but I request all my friends not to make the burden of wrestling heavy.”

Mohsen Kaveh continued: We will do our best, but we should not put extra pressure on the wrestlers mentally and emotionally. Anyway, everyone is interested in wrestling and they want to get the best results in the Olympics, but the expectation of winning a gold medal creates a psychological burden for wrestlers.

The head coach of the national freestyle wrestling team said: I am not talking about the league. We will do our best to improve the situation.

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