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Nasirzadeh: Most supplements are outdated or contain doping substances / We got confirmation of women’s coverage

According to Fars News Agency sports correspondent, Abdolmehdi Nasirzadeh stated in a press conference of the Federation of Bodybuilding and Bodybuilding: According to Wada research, most supplements in the world or in the past or contain banned substances and doping. Therefore, it is important for us in the Iranian Federation to discuss the health of athletes as well as the use of domestic products, and for this reason we decided to sign a memorandum of understanding with a domestic company in order to implement the slogan of the year named by the Supreme Leader.

He added: “Our cooperation with the new sponsor is for two years and is subject to renewal.” We had an official sponsor last year who, due to changes in the body politic, did not want this cooperation to be long-term.

Nasirzadeh said about the numerous changes of sponsors in the federation: “However, it is not easy to attract sponsors due to the economic situation.” Unfortunately, given the small share of bodybuilding in the media, our sponsors are special. That’s why sometimes sponsors come and go when they see they are not achieving their goals. Of course, we do our best to introduce the sponsor.

He continued: “Last year, one of the credit institutions was our sponsor, but with the change of government, they were no longer satisfied to continue cooperation.”

The president of the bodybuilding federation said about the elections of Zanjan board and its suburbs: “The report of the director general stated that the elected person won 15 to 12 and should be repeated, but these votes were in the second round of elections and in the second round the majority is important. Plus one. The Ministry of Sports also approved the election and Shahbazi has started his work.

Nasirzadeh said about the approval of women’s wrist-covering: “First of all, let me confirm that we never said that women’s bodybuilding is thankful, we did not have bodybuilding before that we wanted to ban.” Wristwatching, fitness challenge and bodybuilding are the three disciplines in which women work, and in terms of women’s clothing, the World Federation of Clothing had to approve that this happened. In fitness and bodybuilding, in addition to the Ministry of Sports, they must be approved by the World Federation.

The President of the Federation of Bodybuilding and Bodybuilding stated: The emphasis of the Deputy Minister of Women of the Ministry of Sports was to do more research on women’s wristwear and on this basis, on the occasion of the birth of Imam Masoumeh (PBUH) on 11 June, a festival of wrist training and fitness challenges was held. We did and the women’s deputy was also present and approved.

Regarding the cost of the deployments, Nasirzadeh said: “The financial resources that come to us are part of the committee and part of the ministry.” On the other hand, holding courses is also held, which is not economical. Most of our shipping costs are now paid for by sponsors.

Regarding the World Women’s Wrestling Championships in Turkey and the fact that in the previous period there were margins on the selection of people, he said: “In the previous period, it was not like we did not have a choice, two people were equal and one person sent his passport late and That’s why another person was sent. During this period, we will send those who are approved by the technical committee.

Regarding the hosting of the competitions, Nasirzadeh said: “Extensive lobbying takes place in the world in obtaining the hosting, and it is even extended to the level of the heads of the National Olympic Committees and the president.” On the other hand, we do not have strong seats in Asia and the world, and we can not host women. That’s why the situation is difficult.

However, we are the host of the World Youth Bodybuilding Competition in Tehran from 18 to 22 Azar. One of the conditions of the World Federation was that the competitions must be held in Tehran, because the issue of travel was important.

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