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New MacBook Pro models will be available this fall

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It has recently been confirmed that the launch of the Apple iPhone 13 is scheduled for September 14. (Follow the link to the news of the Apple event, the news is not on the site yet). We are all excited to introduce the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7 Series. But we should not forget the new MacBook Pro, because this product is one of the most important products of Apple that should be introduced this year.

MacBook Pro 2021 with M1X processor

New news says that Apple plans to introduce new MacBook Pro models this year. These laptops have improvements over last year’s models. The main improvement is the use of the new Apple M1X processor in them.

We expect the new MacBook Pro to be introduced in 14 and 16-inch sizes – both with the new M1X processor – this fall. We have also heard numerous reports of a shortage of major components for these laptops, which will definitely affect production and supply. But a new report from DigiTimes says that the production of these laptops is going according to plan and we will meet with them this fall.

The redesigned MacBook Pro models will have mini-LED displays and will be equipped with the new and improved M1X chipset. According to informed sources, the process of production and supply of mini-LED displays is proceeding according to schedule and there is no problem in this regard. We strongly expect Apple to launch new MacBook Pro models in October or November this year.

It was recently reported that production of Apple’s new laptops was affected by a global shortage of chipsets, but in August, additional reports reported production of 600,000 to 800,000 laptops per month. We are very pleased that the new MacBook Pro models are being produced on schedule and will be available soon.

The lack of silicon has not bothered Apple much

The global silicon shortage has affected almost every company “except Apple”, and Apple is somewhat safe from this trend; Because this lobbying company has very strong negotiations and can have the same limited capacity of silicon. We have already noticed that TSMC has increased the price of its contracts by 20%, but has only increased the price of its contract with Apple by 3%.

What do you think of Apple products this year? Which of the “iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7 Series and MacBook Pro” are you most eager to meet? Be sure to share your views with us.

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