New motorcycle price (specifications table)

The price of the Suzuki V-STORM250 ABS motorcycle has been announced at around 275 million, according to the online economy. Yamaha 125 cc GRAND FILANO model is also sold in the range of 120 million. The Benelli 180S is priced at 87 million.

The nominal 800-watt electric motorcycle of 1398 is also traded in the range of 24 million Tomans. The price of the Benelli 249S motorcycle in 1401 has reached 166 million Tomans.

Prices of motorcycles (June)

brandModelPrice (Tomans)
Suzuki V-STORM250 ABS year 1401275,000,000
KiwiCITY150 140154,000,000
Yamaha GRAND FILANO Volume 125 cc120,000,000
Flight 15034,500,000
بنلی 180S 1401 87,500,000
Galaxy S WiM SR200 Volume 197 cc71,000,000
دایچیElectric EC 300040,000,000
نامیElectricity 800 watts in 139824,000,000
بنلی249S year 1401166,400,000

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