Nobahar’s statistical superiority against Nasaji

According to Tasnim news agency, Mazandaran textile team was the guest of Nobahar team of Uzbekistan tonight (Monday) and defeated with a result of 2:1. In this match, the representative of Uzbekistan had a statistical superiority over Nasaji, and this superiority finally led to three points being registered in the record of Babayan’s students.

The complete statistics of this match are as follows:

Possession of the ball
Nobahar: 55.8
Textile: 44.2

Novbahar: 453
Textile: 364

Novbahar: 16
Textile: 4

Shot in the frame
New Spring: 4
Textile: one

New Spring: 9
Textile: 6

New Spring: 5
Textile: 3

yellow card
New Spring: 2
Textile: one

New Spring: 2
Textile: Zero

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