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Obstacles to the transfer of government shares in Shazand Refining Company were removed

According to the monetary financial news, quoting the presidential information base, the cabinet meeting was held on Wednesday, chaired by President Hojjatoleslam Seyed Ibrahim Raisi, and in this meeting, the obstacles to the transfer of government shares in Imam Khomeini Oil Refining Company were removed. Was discussed.

Based on the decision of the Council of Ministers in this meeting, the National Company for Refining and Distribution of Iranian Petroleum Products was obliged to pay the debt resulting from receiving the facilities of Bank Mellat Energy Fund for the development of Imam Khomeini (RA) Shazand Oil Refining Company in the amount of (778,062,233) Euros. And to directly settle and settle the mentioned facilities up to the end of 1399 and other related expenses according to the amount announced by the bank in question and from the funds obtained from the export of petroleum products of the said oil refining company.

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