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Omid team caravan at the Iranian ambassador’s luncheon in Tashkent + Photo

According to Fars News Agency, Iranian Ambassador Hamid Nayrabadi, along with Morteza Bagheri, Head of Diplomacy, Mahmoud Reza Ziaei, Consul General of the Embassy, ​​and Karim Khara, Head of Finance of the Embassy, ​​hosted the luncheon and hosted the national anthem in one of the Iranian restaurants in Tashkent.

In an interview with Mahdavi Kia, the head coach of Omid Iran, and Faraz Fatemi, the head of the team, Nirabadi, the Iranian ambassador, wished Omid Iran success in the next two group games against Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and in other stages of the competition.

In the end, the players and the technical staff and the leadership of Omid team took a souvenir photo with the ambassador and representatives of the Iranian embassy.

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