One gold and two bronze medals of Iranian Taekwondo on the first day of the Asian Championship

According to IRNA from the Taekwondo Federation, the 25th round of the Asian Taekwondo Championships with the participation of 386 taekwondo fighters from 34 countries started today, Friday, July 26, and will continue for four days at the Huban Hall in Chancheon, South Korea.

“Nahid Kiani” in the weight of -53 kg had a break in the first round and then won 2 to 1 (first round 8-3) and (second round 15-3) against “Cannabal” from the Philippines. He advanced to the final in his second fight with a 2-0 lead (first round: 6-4) and (second round 12-2) against Wang Jialu of China.

In the final fight, Kiani defeated Charos Kamayeva, the 13th world champion and gold medalist of the Asian Championship and World Armies, 2-0 and became the Asian champion.

“Zahra Sheidaei”, the representative of Iran in the 57-kg weight category, won in her first match against “Yasin Yara Mohammad” from Jordan (2-0 in the counting round) and reached the semifinals. Mania also lost in the semifinals to Chinese opponent Lu Zongxi (2-0 in the round) and won a bronze medal. Zhongshi is a world champion and Grand Prix and is considered one of the world taekwondo champions.

“Daniel the Great” in the 68-kg weight category of the Asian Championships initially defeated “Zhang” from South Korea (2: 0 in the counting round – 11: 3 and 14: 2) and “Hossein Lotfi” from Afghanistan (2: 1). In the rounds of counting 16 (4, 14 to 16 and 16 to 10) reached the semifinals. In the semi-finals, Bozorgi met Uzbekistan’s Olympic champion Tokyo Rushigov and won the bronze medal in the round (2-0 in the 11-7 and 11-3 rounds).

Taekwondo is held by changing the law and in a new way. In this way, each fighter who wins in 2 rounds will win the match.

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