Persepolis Club Legal Deputy reacts to the delay in issuing the CAS vote

Iman Hosseinpour Sharafshad, the legal assistant of Persepolis Club, in an interview with Tasnim News Agency sports reporter about the reason for the postponement of the CAS court in issuing the verdict of Al-Nasr Club’s complaint against Persepolis, stated: The refereeing team should consult about the case. Due to the large number of allegations made by Al-Nasr Club, inquiries and investigations may have taken time.

He continued: “This is normal and happens in most cases.” The case has different dimensions and maybe we ourselves predicted this delay in voting.

Regarding his prediction of the final verdict of the CAS court, the legal assistant of Persepolis club said: “It is not possible to make a prediction, it is a sensitive and big case and we did a very good defense and we have to wait for the verdict of the CAS court.”

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