Persepolis should peel / Golmohammadi separation? Be realistic

Sohrab Entezari in a conversation with Mehr reporter, regarding the defeat of Persepolis against Sepahan and the failure of this team to reach the championship of the Premier League in competition with Esteghlal, said: First of all, I must congratulate Esteghlal that it was able to win the championship in this year. Slowly As for Persepolis, I must say that the problems of this team are not related to yesterday and today. The club has been facing many problems for several years.

The former Persepolis striker continued: “Of course, these problems were hidden because the team had been successful for a few years, but this year the old wound healed and we saw that Persepolis could not have a successful season.”

He said that the troubles of Persepolis started from the beginning of the season: the absence of the CEO, the closure of the transfer window, the lack of money, the separation of players such as Nourollahi and Kananizadegan and the recruitment of weak players made Persepolis not have good days. .

Entezari stated: The poor results that Persepolis got in the Asian Champions League caused it not to have good conditions in the league as well. The team went without a director, but the pressure of the fans made Darwish the director of the club. He also could not do anything special for the club.

In response to the question whether it is not time for Yahya Golmohammadi to leave Persepolis? “We have to look at things realistically,” he said. Yahya has tried his best and has a good record, but we have to see what we have given him and what we want to take from him. Of course, Persepolis needs a skinning and fundamental changes to be successful in the next season.

Entezari mentioned youthfulness and Farhad Majidi’s support for young players in Esteghlal as one of the reasons for the team’s success and added: Persepolis also rejuvenated during Branko Ivankovic’s tenure. Everyone criticized Branco, but he was able to get good results with the same young people. In this one, we have not seen such events in Persepolis in the last two years. Meanwhile, good players were not recruited and did not meet expectations, and now we see that this team must fight with motivated Sepahan to take second place.

In the end, the former Persepolis striker criticized the performance of the club’s director and said: “The director should give the team a championship character.” In my opinion, Darwish does not benefit Persepolis at all and has not done anything special. The fans are waiting for the championship, attracting low-quality players caused Persepolis to miss the championship every day, but in general, I hope that fundamental changes will take place in Persepolis so that this team can appear motivated next season and win the league again. Slowly

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