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Persepolis vs. Zobahan at the end of the first half

According to the sports correspondent of Fars News Agency, the teams of Persepolis and Zobahan met at 15:30 today in the framework of the matches of the eighth final stage of the Champions League, which ended in the first half with a 1-0 victory of Persepolis.

Referee: The promised foundation

Helps: Saeed Ali Nejadian and Mohammad Atai

yellow card: Pouria Pourali and Reza Khaleghifar from Zobahan

Red card: –

Flower: Vahid Amiri (35) for Persepolis

Iron composition: Habib Farabasi, Amir Hossein Sedghi, Mohammad Qureshi, Pouria Pourali, Mohammad Soltani Mehr, Masoud Ebrahimzadeh, Reza Khaleghifar, Milad Jahani, Arman Ghasemi, Sajjad Danaei and Mohammad Khodabandeh Lou

CoachMehdi Tartar

The composition of Persepolis: Hamed Lak, Seyed Jalal Hosseini, Farshad Faraji, Siamak Nemati, Saeed Aghaei, Kamal Kamiabinia, Milad Sarlak, Ehsan Pahlavan, Vahid Amiri, Mehdi Torabi and Mehdi Abdi

Coach: Yahya Golmohammadi

Sensitive minutes

11 minutes

Mehdi Abdi’s shot went wide of the iron gate.

15 minutes

Saeed Aghaei sent Abdi header dangerously through Farabbasi’s goal.

17 minutes

This time, Abdi did not appreciate the long pass of the Persepolis midfielder, and in the situation when he was facing Mohammad Qureshi, he lost another position by hitting the shadow of the ball.

27 minutes

Ehsan Pahlavan’s beautiful and solo move was accompanied by passing two opposing players, but Mehdi Abdi hit the ball in front of the goal, which Mohammad Qureshi blocked with a timely tackle.

31 minutes

Siamak Nemati hit the ball from behind the penalty area, but Farabassi blocked the shot in two.

35 minutes

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While Mohammad Qureshi prevented the ball from approaching the Zobahan goal by putting his body in front of Kamal Kamyabinia’s shot, Sajjad Danaei’s revelation caused Vahid Amiri to score the first goal of Persepolis with a spectacular and accurate shot from the right corner of the penalty area. To bear fruit.

38 minutes

Milad Jahani’s pass on the goal of the whites was accompanied by a blow to the head, but after the ball hit Farshad Faraji’s body, Hamed Lak controlled the ball with his chest.

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