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Premier league table Esteghlal didn’t leave the fourth rank!

According to Fars news agency, in the last match of the 15th week of the Premier League, today the Tractor and Esteghlal teams met in Tabriz with a delay of one day. This game, which was supposed to be held yesterday, was postponed until today due to the heavy snowfall in Tabriz.

In this game, Tractor played with more motivation and defeated Esteghlal 2-0, so that with their new head coach, they could climb from the ninth to the sixth place in the table.

On the other hand, Esteghlal, who failed to beat Mes Rafsanjan in Tehran last week, lost against Tractor in Tabriz, so that the darkness of Sapinto and his students will continue. Esteghlali were hoping to reduce their distance from the top of the table with a win in today’s game, but this did not happen, so the blue-clad team finished the first half of the Premier League season with the fourth place.

Meanwhile, in the most important game yesterday, Persepolis scored 32 points with a 5-1 advantage against Nasaji and confirmed its championship in the half of the season, and Hamid Motahari’s team remained with 20 points with this heavy loss and fell to seventh place. did

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