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Professor praises Iranian handball / Fernandez: We are fighting to reach the final

According to a Fars News Agency correspondent from Saudi Arabia, Manuel Montaya Fernandez, the head coach of our national handball team, said after the victory against Kuwait and the confirmation of obtaining a license to participate in world competitions and being among the top 4 teams of the 20th Asian Handball Championship: It was hard and like a final.

He added: “I congratulate the Kuwaiti team for fighting until the last seconds until the result of the game was determined in the last seconds.” We finally won by one shot and one goal, and it was that shot that determined the fate of the game.

“Our next game is against Bahrain,” Fernandez said. Our first goal was globalization, but we are here to fight for the final, and our work is not over today.

The head coach of our national handball team noted: “I think these competitions were an example of World Cup competitions, and Asia showed that it deserves to have 5 quotas.” At the World Cup, we will show that we are not just an Asian team, but a world-class team.

With a 27-26 victory over Kuwait, the Iranian national team, in addition to obtaining a permit to participate in the World Championship, also made it to the top four teams of the 20th Asian Handball Championship.

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