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According to the Mehr reporter, one of the most important wrestling events in the beginning of the new year is the friendly match between Iran and the United States, which will draw all eyes to the stars of this sporting event. The competition will be held at the suggestion of US wrestling officials on February 23 in Arlington, Dallas, Texas, but the news of this international event has been circulating in wrestling circles for a long time and is still going on.

From the issue of obtaining a visa for the Iranian wrestling convoy and its side issues to the statements of the shipwreckers about this competition, many have been raised in various media in recent days; So much so that even Saeed Khatibzadeh, the spokesman of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reacted to this issue in his recent press conference and talked about it.

In any case, ignoring the marginal issues in the discussion of US visa issuance and the certainty or cancellation of deportation Freelancers Our country to this country, but there are some issues that are related to the profit and loss of the presence of Iranian wrestling stars in this event.

For example, some critics of this friendly match believe that the Iranian champions’ re-confrontation with American wrestlers and the possibility of their defeat may be the brilliant achievements of world competitions. 2021 Affect Norway. A critique that is not far-fetched and may pose a major challenge to stars such as Hassan Yazdani, Amir Hassan Zare, and others.

Of course, Mohsen Kaveh, as the technical director of the national freestyle wrestling team, has a different opinion in this regard and believes: it can not be denied that a possible loss against American rivals does not cause such a situation, but the fact is that the technical staff of the national team reached a consensus. Wrestle in this friendly match. Surely we can take advantage of this event and Iranian wrestling will benefit from face-to-face confrontation with American opponents. “Some of our claimants have shifted their weight, and a friendly against the United States is a good opportunity for them to be tested.”

According to Mohsen Kaveh, the American team must accept that it is a very good team in terms of quality, and that is why our wrestlers were supposed to face a team that is useful to them in every way. Meanwhile, the technical staff believes that Iran’s main opponents in international events from the weight of 57 to 125 kg are the rivals of the Americans, and the match against this team is far better and more productive than the one-on-one combination with the Russian team.

But another concern raised by critics of this event is the most sensitive wrestling match between Iran and the United States, namely the traditional match between Hassan Yazdani and David Taylor, which can achieve any result in this match. The importance of this meeting is such that even Mohsen Kaveh has paid more attention to it in his recent remarks and said: “We must face each other that neither Hassan Yazdani nor David Taylor have the necessary ideal conditions; “But these matches must be filmed with technical care and obsession so that the technical staff can have a more accurate analysis of their team and the opposing team.”

In any case, the technical staff of the national freestyle wrestling team believes that Iran and the United States may be known only to Hassan Yazdani and Taylor, but there will be other wrestling that can be considered. Like Gilman vs. Sarlak or Chickpea vs. Jordan باروز Certainly, Iranian wrestling can achieve a qualitative and technical benefit from these competitions as well.


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