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Qasempour: I was injured but the team officials said it was an excuse / my ligament might be torn

According to Fars News Agency, Kamran Ghasempour, who had previously had a challenge with the staff of Mazandaran Industrial Team and announced that he could not accompany the team in the final stage of the Free Premier League due to a knee injury and a doctor’s recommendation, in this regard, the title Kurd: Unfortunately, there were rumors and hadiths in this regard, both Reza Yazdani and the industrial staff are among our loved ones and veterans. Before the contract with Sanaye, when this team had not yet entered the league, I had initial talks with another team, but when Sanaye came, I signed a contract with Sanaye, out of respect for my team, staff and people of my city. I had a commitment.

The national freestyle wrestling team of our country continued: I learned that if I have a commitment to a team, I will wrestle completely. About 10 days after returning from the World Championships in Norway, I wrestled for the long-distance industry and went to the mat in the return round, but then I got injured. I went to Dr. Kayhani to get a license from him to wrestle in the league, and he said, “I will not give you any guarantee that if you wrestle, your ligament will not be torn.” This way you will be away from the ship for a year. I told this to the team staff, but they said it was an excuse, even though several other doctors had given the diagnosis. I knew it was my duty to hire for the wrestling industry, which I could not, God willing, I could compensate.

In response to the question whether he will travel to the United States with the free national team for the friendly match in February, he clarified: “God willing, we will go to the United States and I am looking for a good wrestling match.”

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