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Referee: In order to become an Olympian, we must overcome the challenge of Asia – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr news agency, the annual general assembly of the volleyball federation started at 9:30 today (Sunday, September 19) in the Hall of the Farsi master of the National Olympic and Paralympic Academy under the chairmanship of Dr. Mohammad Reza Davarzani, president of the volleyball federation.

Mohammad Reza Davarzani, head of the volleyball federation, said: I hope that in the working environment, we will be more prepared to meet the wishes of the people and the expectations of the volleyball community and win the Olympic quota for the third time.

He added: The events that have happened in the last two decades are the result of the efforts of all of you, and all my words were in the video report that was broadcast at the beginning of the meeting. I hope that we will pass the rest of the year 1402, which has been 6 difficult months, well.

The referee noted: 1401 was a very busy year. These 6 months of 1402 were also difficult in terms of the results in the basic categories and people’s expectations in the Asian Championship, and we must try to overcome the challenge we have in Asia well.

The head of the volleyball federation continued: Iran’s volleyball must always be in the Olympics and this is not possible without the efforts of all the elements of volleyball. We all must try to successfully overcome the challenge we have in Asia and play good games in the 2024 Olympic qualifiers and League of Nations in order to maintain our position in the world ranking.

He emphasized: “Our volleyball has reached a point where being the runner-up in the Asian Championship is not a good result for us.” Our effort is to meet the expectations of the people and the volleyball community and reach the Olympics for the third time.

While congratulating the under-16 national team that won a gold medal in the Asian Championship, the referee said: this team will participate in the under-17 world championship next year after winning the Asian championship in the first competition of this age group. The runner-up of the world junior championship and the youth championship all indicate the good support that is coming for the senior team, and with the team’s more efforts, we hope to God to build a stronger team in the future.

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