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Rising pound, euro Monetary Financial News

According to the monetary news report quoted by the Central Bank, today each US dollar was valued at 42,000 Rials, the British pound at 57,369 Rials and the Euro at 48,647 Rials. According to this report, today each Swiss franc is 46,036 riyals, Swedish krona 4,906 riyals, Norwegian kroner 4,921 riyals, Danish krone 6,542 riyals, Indian rupee 564 riyals, UAE dirham 11,000. And 437 Rials, Kuwaiti Dinar 139,195 Rials, One Hundred Pakistani Rupees 24,669 Rials, One Hundred Japanese Yen 36,818 Rials, Hong Kong Dollar 5,395 and Oman Rials 109,234 Rials.

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