Saei: The retention of “Askari” was at the discretion of the technical committee; We have little time until the tournament

“Hadi Saei” in a short interview with IRNA about the retention of “Fariborz Askari” as the head coach of the Iranian national taekwondo team, said: ‌ I do not want to talk much about this. It was the decision of the members of the technical committee for Askari to continue his work.

He said that Askari will work as the head coach of the national taekwondo team until the end of 1400, adding: “The time of holding the world championship is not known yet, but it will most likely be held.” There are also indoor fights and other events ahead.

The former world taekwondo champion stated: “This is the decision of the technical committee to keep the head coach.”

Regarding his presence as a new member of the Taekwondo Federation’s technical committee, he said: “This was a request from the federation.”

The fourth meeting of the technical committee to review the performance of Taekwondo in the Tokyo Olympics was held this morning (Tuesday) with the presence of Seyed Mohammad Poladgar, president and Majid Nairi, secretary of the federation, Asghar Rahimi, Sirus Rezaei, Hossein Ali Nazari and Zahra Sarvi, members of the committee and Arash Farhadian شد.

Hadi Saei and Seyed Nemat Khalifa also attended the meeting as new members of the technical committee.

After reviewing and summarizing, Fariborz Askari remained as the head coach of the national taekwondo team until the end of 1400; Asghar Rahimi was also selected as the national team manager.

After the poor performance of Iranian taekwondo fighters in the Tokyo Olympics, there were several reports about the end of cooperation with “Fariborz Askari” and “Mehro Kamrani” leading Iranian men’s and women’s teams.

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