Sanchez: paying bribes to Ecuadorian players? We are not influenced by rumours

According to Tasnim news agency, Felix Sanchez, attending the press conference before his students’ match tomorrow night (Sunday) against Ecuador in the opening match of the 2022 World Cup, said: the opening match will be very special. We have been waiting for such a moment for a long time. We know what kind of team we are, where we come from and what team we are going to compete with. Ecuador will step on the field tomorrow to compete and win. They have a very young team and expect to advance from the group. Ecuador is the first chance to win this game and it will be a difficult game. But this is geographically the most difficult area for competition.

The head coach of the Qatar national football team also commented on the rumor that the Qataris paid bribes to some Ecuadorian players so that Qatar would win the game tomorrow: I think there is a lot of misinformation. The internet is great but very dangerous. We are together and strong and no one can destabilize us with these criticisms and statements. We are not affected by these rumors at all.

He also mentioned about the pressure on Qatar from the Western media due to the violation of human rights of Qatar World Cup project workers: There has been a lot of talk about this, some incorrect information and some opinions were not completely fair. The death of human beings during working hours is the greatest tragedy, whether here or anywhere in the world.

The teams of Qatar and Ecuador will face each other in their first match in Group A of the 2022 Qatar World Cup starting at 19:30 tomorrow (Sunday – Tehran time).

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