Saying goodbye to Asia with dignity at Al-Hilal House

According to Tasnim news agency, the textile teams of Mazandaran and Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia met at Faisal bin Fahd Stadium in Riyadh starting at 19:30 tonight (Monday) in the framework of a match of the sixth week of the group stage of the 2023-24 Asian Champions League and in Group D of the competition. This match ended with Al Hilal winning 2 over one.

Rahmati’s students, who had lost to Al-Hilal in the first game at Azadi Stadium in a one-sided match with three goals, lost in the return game and on the field of Riyadh Blues with a smaller margin to bid a dignified farewell to the Asian Champions League.

Michel in the 4th minute and Salem Al-Dossari in the 54th minute scored Al-Hilal’s goals, and Mahmoud Quaid Rahmati scored the only goal for Nasaji in the 78th minute.

Textile composition: Hossein Khatir, Amir Mohammad Houshmand, Seyed Ahsan Hosseini, Vahid Mohammadzadeh, Saber Hardani (87 – Mehdi Rezaei), Saeed Beigi (66 – Mursad Saifi), Mehrdad Abdi (55 – Nuno Delgado), Ismail Babaei (66 – Mohammad Reza Torabi), Mahmoud Quaid Rahmati Hossein Zamehran (67 – Farshid Esmaili) and Mohammad Reza Azadi.

Iraqi Mohand Qasim Sarai was in charge of judging this match, who fined Mahmoud Quaid Rahmati and Vahid Mohammadzadeh from Nasaji and Abdullah Hamdan, Habib Al-Watiyan and Salman Faraj from Al Hilal with yellow cards.

In the 30th minute of the first half, after Ehsan Hosseini collided with Salem Al-Shehri, the Iraqi referee announced a penalty to Sood Al-Hilal.

Al-Hilal, which confirmed its promotion to the elimination stage before this game, won 16 points by defeating Nasaji and climbed to the top of Group D of the Asian Champions League. Nasaji ended his career with the same two wins he had against Mumbai City India in his first appearance in the Asian Champions League.

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