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Setting up a billing system for Shaparki acceptors

Javad Attaran, Bank Shahr’s Deputy Minister of Planning and Information Technology, said: “In order to increase the satisfaction of customers with store terminals, facilitate access to invoices for all transactions and receive case reports.” The need for this system has been set up.
Attaran stated that access to the Shaparki acceptors’ billing system has increased the satisfaction of real and legal customers of Bank Shahr in recent days, and specified: The micro-transactions of the acceptors’ accounts were more and more needed, which fortunately was achieved in the shortest possible time.
Deputy of Planning and Information Technology of Shahr Bank “View Shaparki microtransactions with all details”, “Checking microtransactions of deposits connected to the terminal”, “Ability to receive output files (in PDF, CSV and Excel format)”, “Ability to create access For different users, “acceptors” and از were the most important benefits of this system.
Attaran, referring to the provision of the best banking services by the branches and electronic banking systems of Bank Shahr to the citizens, stated: “We have tried to fully meet the needs of customers by utilizing the latest knowledge and technology and using the power of the bank’s capable partners.”

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