Shahriari: There is no discrimination, the management of Persepolis works well!

According to the sports reporter of Tasnim news agency, Hossein Shahriari stated on the sidelines of Hosseini’s Arbaeen ceremony about the requirement of VAR to host Iranian teams in the Asian Champions League: This is a requirement. The officials of the federation and the Ministry of Sports will definitely help this happen and the hosting will be done well. We also request that good follow-ups be done in this field.

The chairman of the board of directors of Persepolis also said about the latest situation of recruiting a foreign attacker: this should be discussed by the club. I don’t know exactly how to track them.

Shahriari said about holding meetings of Iranian teams against representatives of Saudi Arabia inside the country: God willing, good things will happen. We are waiting to see where we can host so that fans can come to the stadium. We made our request.

In response to the question whether hosting will be done at Azadi Stadium or another stadium will be introduced, he said: We have to ask, but they are trying to prepare Azadi Stadium. I don’t know if this will happen or not.

“Is it possible to play without spectators?” In response to this question, the chairman of the board of directors of Persepolis said: the club is trying to prevent this from happening. First, there is the issue of the license and the AFC Disciplinary Committee, and the club is looking for this problem to be resolved and the game to be played with the presence of spectators.

Shahriari said about the fact that the federation is also pursuing this issue: the federation is also helping and the club is determined. In the last one year, the club has made a careful management of all issues and, God willing, good things will happen.

He explained regarding Ali Khatir, head of Esteghlal Club, and the discussion of discrimination between Persepolis and Esteghlal: This is not discrimination; This shows that Persepolis Club has a good management and they are careful in their expenses, performance and follow-ups. The fact that a good management works is no reason to say that there is discrimination. The managers of Esteghlal are also good and strong people, and God willing, their problem will be solved. This is not a matter of discrimination, it is a matter of proper management of Persepolis club.

“Does Persepolis have no problem with the joint ownership of the two clubs?” The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Persepolis stated: We have nothing to do with the common sponsor and we did not even think about this issue. We are responsible for providing a part of the expenses with a sponsor, which Mr. Darwish is following up with good management.

As the head of the Veterans Support Fund, Shahriari reminded about the objection of some members to the low salaries of this fund: the fund has a statute and is being followed up now. The fund has a very limited credit, which until last year was 33 billion Tomans. There is no problem with the fund and what was approved has been done. We followed up this year and a good thing happened and we want to get a special credit for treatment. Something has happened to salaries and incomes are going to be recognized, and I think the situation will be better for next year.

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