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Sina Bank has a positive performance in the field of deprivation

Fattah, the head of the Foundation for the Oppressed of the Islamic Revolution, said at a meeting of the board of directors of Sina Bank: Proper performance can be recognized as a model bank in the community while developing the culture of Qarz al-Hasna.
The head of the Foundation for the Oppressed of the Islamic Revolution, stating that Qarz al-Hasna as a moral act, is the source of many works and blessings, clarified: By strengthening moral, humane and faithful indicators, Sina Bank can become a religious base of Qarz al-Hasna and popular Be.
In another part of his speech, referring to Surah An-Nahl, which God has said, whoever does a good deed, we will give him a pure life, he added: This is the good life that while dealing with God in lending to the deprived in This world will be given to righteous people, and Sina Bank has provided the rest of the evidences and positive functional effects for the collection by taking action to eliminate deprivation and help the needy.
Referring to the Supreme Leader’s orders to help the oppressed and deprived, he stressed that given the expected missions and missions of Bank Sina, it is necessary to increase the bank’s support for the oppressed and deprived.
In another part of his speech, Mr. Fattah emphasized the importance of the role of the banking system in reforming the country’s economic structure, saying: “If the banks are reformed, the structure of the country’s economy will also be improved and reformed.” Therefore, the main improvement of the economic situation of the country and the people depends on the performance and policies of the banks, and these institutions can play an effective role in the prosperity and economic leap of the country.
Dr. Imani, CEO of Sina Bank, while presenting the performance report of this bank during the 7 months leading to the end of October, said: “With the efforts and seriousness of our colleagues, the performance of Sina Bank in various performance indicators, including deposits, has been favorable.” We see 144% of the goals compared to the October budget and 84% achievement of the goals in the total budget.
Dr. Imani also added: The performance of Sina Bank in the field of facilities and obligations was acceptable according to the plan for October and the end of the year, during which the percentage of October budget realization in the net facility balance is 162%, in the field of payment facilities 120%. And in the section of commitments issued in Rials, it is 111%, and in total, the realization of the total budget of 1400 in the mentioned sections has been 94%, 70% and 65%, respectively.
He said that Sina Bank, along with the development of activities and leaps in measures, standards and financial ratios, has managed well. 9. It has been reached that considering the 13 to 15 percent ratio of receivables in the banking network, the performance of Sina Bank in this area is commendable.
Dr. Imani continued: “One of the main goals of this bank is to ensure the satisfaction of stakeholders, especially esteemed shareholders, in this regard, according to reports, 78% of the profit of 1400 banks has been achieved.”
Regarding the Qarz al-Hasna payment facilities and during the bank’s payment, the CEO of Sina Bank also said: During the first 7 months of this year, about 19,000 Qarz al-Hasna facilities have been paid to the eligible and about 10,000 applicants are in the process of receiving the facilities.
He also presented a report on the activities of Sina Bank in the field of promotion and development of Islamic banking and added: This perspective is one of the actions of the bank in the field of Islamic banking.

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