Soleimanzadeh: We have to make up for last season’s defeats against Sepahan / There is no pressure on aluminum

Ramtin Soleimanzadeh in an interview with Tasnim News Agency sports reporter, about the conditions of his team on the eve of the game with Sepahan said: The situation of our team is good and we are ready to defeat Sepahan by playing a good game. We definitely have a tough game and Sepahan showed its football quality even when it had three consecutive losses. However, we are trying to get three points in this game in order to have good mental conditions for the National Cup game against Sepahan.

The defender of Arak Aluminum football team said about his team’s not so good results in the last few games: “We got good results from the beginning of the league, but then the opponents analyzed more aluminum and this made it harder for us.” Anyway, any team may lose points in a few games, but I hope we beat Sepahan to make up for the recent results.

Regarding his team’s two defeats against Sepahan last season and whether this issue can not put pressure on Aluminum, he noted: “There is no pressure on Aluminum and each game has its own conditions.” Incidentally, we have a lot of motivation and we have to make up for last season’s defeats against Sepahan.

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