Solving the 53-year-old problem of a team that became an “orphan”/”Hope” finally found an owner

According to Mehr reporter, the executive board of the National Olympic Committee in its meeting last Saturday regarding the latest management situation of the Iranian Omid football team after being excluded from the 2024 Olympic selection and also failing to succeed in the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, decided to delegate authority to manage the affairs of the Omid football team. should be completely handed over to the Football Federation.

Announcing this news, Manaf Hashemi said: Regarding the Omid football team, the powers of this team have been delegated to the football federation. This federation, like other federations, can decide on the disciplines it supports.

A memorandum of understanding for money

In the past decades, the Iranian Football Federation decided to sign a memorandum of understanding to receive financial aid from the National Olympic Committee for the Omid team, during which it would coordinate the preparation camps to advance to the different Olympic rounds in exchange for receiving financial aid from the committee’s budget. The sums that were given to the Football Federation with the approval of the Executive Board of the National Olympic Committee at different times to cover part of the expenses of under-23 football in the country.

For example, during the presence of Reza Salehi Amiri in the National Olympic Committee and the head coach of Mehdi Mahdavi Kia in the Omid team, the National Olympic Committee deposited one billion Tomans into the account of the Football Federation. The amount that grew significantly during the management of Mahmoud Khosravi Wafa so that Mehdi Taj could pay part of the expenses of the team under the guidance of Reza Enayati.

Management tension became a problem

Mehdi Taj, president of the Iran Football Federation, decided to use the experience of Habib Kashani due to his political and economic influence after many struggles over the selection of the management team for Omidah, but the arrival of Amir Ghale Nooi as the head coach of the team led to Kashani’s resignation from this position. Reza Enayati took the helm of the most important base team.

Awful removal!

Enayati sat on the bench of Omid team with the full support of Amir Qala Noi to even receive words such as “sacrifice” and “sacrifice” from the head coach of the senior national team to encourage him in this position. Ghale Nooyi mentioned Enayati as one of Iran’s promising coaches, but his unfavorable performance marked another scandal in the history of the Omid team. A team full of stars, with Al-Hiyar Sayadmanesh, Amin Hizbavi, Yasin Salmani, Mohammad Javad Hosseinnejad, Mohammad Reza Bardbar, Saman Fallah, etc., will be eliminated in the first round of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

In the future, despite the presence of Seyed Hossein Hosseini and Arslan Motahari, he could not make the Omid team a medal winner in the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, to complete the performance of Siah Enayati in the Omid team!

Solving the 53-year-old problem of a team that became an

Management conflict for a deletion

Omid’s removal from the Hangzhou Asian Games was accompanied by tension between the managers of the National Olympic Committee and the head of the Football Federation. Enayati, who saw all the ways to stay in his post as the head coach of one of the national teams closed, blamed the elimination on the inconsistency between the managers of the federation and the Persepolis club. The sensitivity of Persepolis’ game in the Asian Champions League led to an agreement between the CEO of the club, Reza Darwish, and Mehdi Taj, the head of the federation, so that Yasin Salmani, Mohammad Omari and Mohammad Mahdi Ahmadi were separated from the hopefuls and added to the Persepolis team.

This incident caused Manaf Hashemi’s sharp interview in Hangzhou against Taj, but this was not the end of the story, but the complaints of both sides reached the ears of Mahmoud Khosravi-Vafa, the head of the National Olympic Committee.

Potion after Sohrab’s death

The tension between the managers of the National Olympic Committee and the Football Federation caused the team to be given the hope of meeting in the Federation and the complete decision-making for under-23 football was completely delegated to the Federation. A team that is no longer going to be in the Paris Olympics or have their Asian Games championship picture framed in the Football Hall of Fame. A team whose loss to Hong Kong was a clear example of lack of planning and management that was supposed to break the spell of not going to the Olympics, but now we have not gone to the Olympics for 53 years.

While the National Olympic Committee left the complete decision about the Omid team to the federation, which had been discussed for years regarding the same management view for the young boy on the path to Iranian football, but now that there is no news of the Omid team’s matches for the next 20 months, such a decision will be made. It was taken until now that a basic discussion was formed in the football federation regarding the organization of this team.

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