Stock market forecast Sunday 12 September 1402 / The shadow of black clouds of uncertainty over the stock market

According to Tejarat News, the start of trading on Saturday was accompanied by the placement of stocks on the positive side of the fluctuation range, as expected. But this positive trend had many ups and downs until the end of the day. On the first day of the week, the main thermometer of the glass hall with a slow growth of 0.05%, equivalent to 959 units, was above the height of two million and 105 thousand units.

On the other hand, the equal weight index, which shows the same effect of all stocks, had a better performance and reached a height of 711 thousand units with a growth of 0.16%.

Tehran Stock Exchange under the microscope of statistics and figures

The board of the Tehran Stock Exchange shows the volume of transactions on the first trading day of the week at 10 billion 200 million shares and the value of small transactions (shares, preemptive rights and mutual funds) at 6 thousand 86 billion tomans.

Experts believe that the more the trading volume reaches higher levels in the current ranges of the total index, the brighter the vision of the new wave of the total index will be drawn in the minds of the shareholders.

The value of the transactions, another factor for evaluating the stock market situation, has reached the average value of the transactions of the past days. However, the continuation of this index above seven thousand billion tomans is necessary for the continuation of the positive trend of the stock market.

The analysis of the ownership statistics of real people on Saturday indicates the withdrawal of real people’s capital from the stock market. The capital inflow and outflow index at the end of Monday’s stock exchange reports the outflow of 575 billion tomans from shares, preemptive rights and mutual funds.

The net inflow and outflow of money experienced a significant decrease compared to last week’s transactions. This issue is not due to the reduction of money inflow, but due to the recognition of the profits of some people in the capital market, which has strengthened the money outflow side. Therefore, it cannot be concluded from this decrease that the expectations regarding the continuation of the upward trend of the market have stopped.

Sunday stock forecast

The uncertainty in the new feed rate approval, the exchange rate of companies and the situation of car manufacturers has caused the flow of transactions in the glass hall to be accompanied by a lot of fluctuation. It seems that these doubts will not be resolved until Sunday. Based on this, experts believe that the volatility will spread to Sunday trading as well.

The movements of the dollar this week have been more feverish than before. The demand for foreign currency has increased significantly due to Arbaeen days and travelers who purchase foreign currency in the last days. Therefore, the shareholders follow Ferdowsi square transactions very carefully. If there are positive movements in the American bill, the main driver of the stock market, it can play an important role in the positive market.

Therefore, in line with the prediction of the stock market on Sunday, experts believe that with the decision to recognize the profit of some shareholders or to exit with less loss due to the fear of the prices returning to low levels, the supply may increase, but this flow cannot be an important obstacle to the rise of the indexers. It is considered a glass hall.

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