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Tartar: Steel still has a lot to do / those who made mistakes are dealt with technically

According to Fars News Agency from EsfahanMehdi Tartar stated in a press conference after the 1-0 victory against Sepahan: Before talking about the technical discussion, I must apologize to the viewers who were watching TV. I had to sit and move my team. I have surgery tomorrow and my lumbar disc has recurred. It is not good for a sitting coach to move his team. Both football teams performed well. Sepahan was the top team in the first half and also won a penalty. The goalkeeper kept us in the game and in the second half we scored with the changes we had and after Sepahan became a 10-man team, it brought an emotional game and we could have scored more goals.

Tartar added: If Sepahan scored in the first half, the situation would change, we must be realistic. In today’s game, unlike the game with the independence of football events, we won and gained three sweet points. After a long time, we defeated the strong team of Sepahan, and this city should be proud of these two teams, Sepahan and Zobahan, and both are good teams.

The head coach of Zobahan said about the surgery he has to do tomorrow and away from Zobahan trainings: “Today, science has progressed and I will probably not be with the team for three days. And I will not be hospitalized.

Regarding the technical conditions of Zobahan, he said: “We saw some problems in the first half.” We had worked on Sepahan’s tactical work in training. Between the two halves, with the substitutions we made, we were able to act stronger in defense and in the counter-attacks, we gained scoring opportunities that we were inaccurate in taking the last shots, and that is why I got angry with the team’s attackers. That’s why some of the substitutions I made were. We should not easily lose scoring opportunities against a team like Sepahan, because if a ball entered our goal, all the effort we had put in would be lost. We need to appreciate situations more.

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Regarding the difference between the Tehran and Isfahan derbies, he said: “In Isfahan, teams are rivals and comrades and respect each other.” I also have experience playing in the Isfahan derby and I was a Sepahan player who missed a penalty, I gave up and we lost the derby to Zobahan. I was sad about that defeat then and now as a coach I am happy with Zobahan winning. In any team I work for, we have to have that sweat and prejudice. Isfahan derby is less sensitive than Tehran derby and players play better and take risks. In the Tehran derby, even Ali Parvin changed his eye color before the game with Esteghlal and his eye color was bloody. This high sensitivity is wrong. In the Isfahan derby, the sensitivity is less than and the quality of the game is better, and if the teams are good, we will see better quality in the game.

“90% of the team has changed and we need a lot of time,” the Zobahan coach said of his players’ opportunities and the technical condition of the team. God has given us so much that we have accumulated the necessary points. This team has a lot of work to do and the mistakes of the first half should not be hidden and should be scrutinized. The players who made mistakes should be technically dealt with and even fined. Of course the reward is in its place. Let’s do pairing and triangulation and which players need to be together to be more efficient. Thanks to the board and managers of the club as well as the players. Because the main work is done by the players on the field and I thank them for their good play in the second half.

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“I may look very young, but I have been coaching in the Premier League for 14-13 years,” Tartar said of being a young coach in the Premier League. Zobahan team needed fundamental changes, this team did not get good results for 2 years and I had to change the mentality of the players. We have a hard job ahead of us and the fans have to be patient, and we dedicate this victory to the original fans of Zobahan.
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