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Tehran Municipality is trying to create entrepreneurship and reduce the problems of citizens

According to an IRNA report on Thursday, citing the public relations of the Welfare, Services and Social Partnerships Organization of Tehran Municipality, محمداین توکلی‌زاده At the inauguration ceremony of the second center for business facilitation and development and social entrepreneurship in Tehran, “Totia” in District 19 stated: In the past 2 years, with the outbreak of the Corona virus, many businesses have problems and people with small businesses are home.

He said: “Every step we take today is to create a vibrant and efficient environment that can help improve the lives of citizens, and one of these measures is to try to create entrepreneurship and solve the problems of citizens.”

Following the ceremony, the Director General of the Welfare, Services and Social Partnerships Organization of Tehran Municipality, while appreciating and thanking the efforts of all efforts to establish Tutia Centers, said: These centers show a serious change in approach and the municipality’s view of its role and share in employment and entrepreneurship.

سیدمالک حسینی He added: “Apart from allocating resources and infrastructure to small units, by creating Tutia centers, it will be possible for people who have ideas for business to connect to these collections, and from the stage of turning ideas into executive plans to financing, branding and Sales are located next to these collections and provide services to them.

“One of the biggest problems for entrepreneurs is connecting to the sales network,” he said.

Hosseini stated: Tutia Center in District 19 is the largest center and we hope this complex will be a model project to accelerate the entrepreneurial process in Tehran and even the country.

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According to this report, the second center of business facilitation and development of social entrepreneurship in Tehran “Totia” with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Social and Cultural Affairs, Director of the Welfare Organization, Services and Social Partnerships of Tehran Municipality, Director General of Planning, Employment and Vocational Training , Head of Entrepreneurship of Tehran Labor and Social Cooperation Office and Mayor of District 19 was inaugurated.


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