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The absence of Burroughs and the chance of gold for peas in the world championships

According to Fars news agency, the world freestyle and freestyle wrestling championships will start in Serbia on September 25, which is considered the first event to qualify for the Paris Olympics.

The Flowrestling site wrote in a report analyzing the 79 kg weight: Unlike other weights, there is no world champion in this weight, however, Mohammad Nakhudi from Iran and Ahmad Usmanov from Russia are 2 gold medal contenders.

Ahmad Osmanov has not lost since August 2022 and has won against various medal winners including Ali Swadkohi. Mohammad Nakhudi has been included in the Iranian team for the third year in the weight of 79 kg and is one of the contenders for gold. In the last 2 rounds, he won the silver medal after defeating Burroughs, and now, with the absence of Jordan Burroughs, he can compete for gold.

Nakhudi has made tremendous progress over the past few months and most recently won gold at the Budapest Rankings in July.

Medal prediction:
Gold: Mohammad Nakhudi
Silver: Ahmad Usmanov
Bronze: Chance Marstler from America and Mikhailov from Ukraine

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