The air temperature in this city reached minus 5.2 degrees!

According to Mehr, Wali Behermand added: Also, in the recent system, 23 mm of rain was reported in the city of Yasuj and in the Daulat Abad region.

He stated: 11.9 mm of rain was reported in Sisherd, 11.2 in Dehdasht, 11 in Dogonbadan and 22 mm in Bashet.

Behermand stated: According to the reports, 27 mm of rain was reported in Vezag area of ​​Boyer Ahmad city, 25 mm in Tang Pirzal Kohgiluyeh and 24.5 mm in Dasht Bez.

He said that the amount of rain in Stengan was 24 mm and the snowfall in this area was 3 cm and he said: Rainfall in Imamzade Jafar 21.8, in Mansour Khani Kakan 20, in Yasouj Shahrek Airport 19.7, in Bostan 17. 17 mm were reported in Moushmi Zilai, 17 mm in Deli Khamsir, 15 mm in Ganjei, 15 mm in Cheram, and 15 mm in Imamzadeh Pahlavan.

Behremand added: Also, in the recent system, the amount of rainfall in Jokar is 14 mm, in Deil 13.5, Dej Suleiman 11, Membi 11, Sarab Naniz 11, Mahurbasht 10, Teng Rowaq 10, Karik 10, Sarfaryab 10, Tel Gah 9, Darghak 9 , Dishmuk eight millimeters of rain and one centimeter of snow, in Javardeh eight, Siron Shabliz eight millimeters of rain and 10 centimeters of snow, in Qala Dokhtar seven, Sar Asiyab Yousefi seven, Qala Raisi seven, Chitab 6.8, Lande six, Berm Sabz five , Souq Panj, Margun three and 2.4 mm rained in Likk.

He stated: Margon city was the coldest place in the province last night and the minimum temperature reached 9.2 degrees Celsius below zero this morning in Margon.

Behermand clarified: The minimum temperature in Yasuj city, the capital of the province, reached 5.2 below zero, and the temperature was reported as 6.4 degrees Celsius in Sisherd this morning.

He added: One of the most important meteorological phenomena in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad in the next four days is the persistence of cold weather and morning fog, and in the tropical city of Dehdasht, the temperature reached 1.2 centigrade below zero.

Behermand said: Also, in Dogonbadan and Imamzadeh Jafar, the air temperature was close to zero, 3.1 degrees Celsius in Lande and 4.2 degrees Celsius in Likk.

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