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The ambiguous story of the Charleroi money and the knot that went blind / Independence’s attempt to win the confidence of the Portuguese

According to the sports reporter of Fars news agency, the story of paying the second installment of Mohammad Mohebi’s transfer to Esteghlal has created financial problems for Esteghlal club, which seems to be the main reason for neglecting to pay the money because the last days of the payment of this installment with Ali Fethullahzadeh’s return to the club coincided and no action had been taken before that.

Esteghlal Club has paid 90 thousand euros out of the amount of 230 thousand euros and has received its approval, but it is having trouble paying the rest of the money. While previously, despite the club’s efforts, Swift’s payment was returned twice due to sanctions issues, but now the remaining payment of Santa Clara’s demand has not been returned or confirmed. That’s why managers are looking for a solution that won’t cause problems for the club.

On the other hand, at the beginning of this transfer and during the previous management period, the transfer money of Amir Hossein Hosseinzadeh to Charleroi in the same country of Portugal was supposed to be deposited into Santa Clara’s account so that Esteghlal Club did not have any problem with the transfer of money and Mohebi’s presence would be hassle-free, but based on follow-ups, it was determined not to be. Not only this action was not done, but a part of Charlevoix’s money was also deposited into Esteghlal Club’s account, and the other part remained and no follow-up was done in this case.

However, contrary to the published news, Esteghlal Club has not requested from Santa Clara to terminate the contract and return Mohibi. Based on the confirmation of 90,000 euros and the documents of the actions taken to pay the rest of the money, Esteghlal managers are trying to prove their good faith to Santa Clara managers and have assured them that they are trying to settle the account despite the problems with payment. Considering that the Santa Clara club also refused to receive cash, it should be seen how the current management of the club can open this blind knot and remove the concerns about Mohebi’s continued presence.

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