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The announcement of the US national wrestling team for the World Cup with 2 big absentees

According to Fars news agency, the Freestyle Wrestling World Cup will be held on December 19-21 this year in Iowa, USA, when the list of wrestlers of this country was announced.

In the announced list of names David Taylor, the famous rival of Hasan Yazdani and Jayden Cox Not visible, but Jordan Burroughs And Kyle Snyder will be present

The names of the American national team are as follows:

57 kg: Saddle Richards and nice Soriano
61 kg: Set Grass and Daniel January Shazer
65 kg: Yanni Diacomihalis and Evan Henderson
70 kg: Tyler Berger and Alec Pantaleo
74 kg: Jason Nolf and Vincenzo Joseph
79 kg: Jordan Burroughs and chance Marstler
86 kg: Zahid Valencia and Mark Hall
92 kg: Nathan Jackson and J Aiello
97 kg: Kyle Snyder And Colleen Moore
125 kg: Hayden Zilmero, Nick Goyazdowski

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