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The Data Center of the Workers’ Welfare Bank was opened

According to Monetary News, during a ceremony held at the same time as the ninth meeting of the Policy Transformation and Planning Council for Strategic Transformation of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, hosted by the Workers’ Welfare Bank, the bank’s data center was inaugurated by Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Abdul Maleki. Two new products of this bank in the field of electronic services were unveiled.
According to Public Relations of Workers’ Welfare Bank, Data Center of Welfare Bank, which was inaugurated today, is one of the most equipped and advanced information technology centers in the country and has a special technical capacity compared to similar centers.
The report adds that the “beta system” as a platform to provide credit to the esteemed retirees of the Social Security Organization and the neo-welfare system called “Fara Refah” is also a new type of banking based on digital technologies and artificial intelligence, new products of the Workers’ Welfare Bank. Were unveiled along with the opening of the bank’s data center and its operation officially began.
It should be noted that “Beta System” is one of the new products of the Welfare Bank for Environmental and Hospital Workers, which has been provided through this bank in order to provide and define various facilities and support plans.
It is worth mentioning that the welfare neo-banking system called “Fara Refah” is also a kind of digital bank that provides offline services to customers.

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