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The eighth week of League One Khyber Khorramabad reached the top with a big win

According to the sports reporter of Fars News Agency, the matches of the eighth week of League One ended with 5 matches played tonight, and among the contending teams, only Khyber Khorramabad won and Fajarshahid Sepasi and Saipa were stopped against their opponents. Currently, Khyber team is the leader with 18 points, Saipa teams with 17 and Fajarshahid Sepasi with 16 points are in the second and third places. Mes Kerman was able to win outside of Kerman with its new head coach Akbar Mohammadi. Of course, Mohammadi was not present on the bench in this meeting.

The results of the eighth week are as follows:

Astara Municipality 1 – Saipa Tehran 1

Khyber Khorramabad 5- Golden Cluster Saveh 1

Ario Islamshahr 1 – Mes Kerman 2

Babylon Sea 2- Fajrshahid Sepasi 2

Persian Gulf Mahshahr Safarik – Gachsaran oil and gas one

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