The end of the stock market today, September 19, 1402 / Is the correction of the total index temporary? – Tejarat News

According to Tejarat News, a look at the total index chart indicates that the main indicator of the Glass Hall reached the resistance of two million and 145 thousand units after forming a trend of 10 candles and was unable to continue climbing after that. Therefore, the total index has faced a decrease in height in two consecutive days following the increase in supply.

If the technical side of the two-day decline of the total index is left aside, the reason for the current situation can be seen as the fear of the shareholders from emotional falls. So that whenever a share of the shareholders’ portfolio enters the profit, they try to preserve the profit and sell it.

In any case, it should be said that the current situation of the Tehran Stock Exchange is only a temporary correction from a technical point of view, and if money comes in, it is more logical to continue the upward trend. But if the two-day drop in the capital market is caused by news or a letter that has not yet been made public, the situation will be different.

Today’s stock market at a glance

Today’s stock market transactions took place in such a way that the intensity of the decline of the total index was reduced as the fever of the supply decreased. So that at the end of today’s stock exchange, the total index faced a drop of 5,975 units, which is equivalent to 0.28% of this index. Based on this, the total index stood at the level of two million and 123 thousand units at the end of today’s trading.

The balance index also moved with the total index command. In this way, the index of small and medium-sized companies in the market could not increase its height and reached the level of 714 thousand and 707 units with a decrease of 0.29 percent.

After the trading excitement of the past days subsided, the volume and value of the transactions fell sharply and recorded a drop of about 30% compared to the previous weeks.

It should be noted that the Tehran Stock Exchange board shows today’s trading volume of seven billion and 100 million shares and the value of retail transactions (shares, preemptive rights and mutual funds) is four thousand and six hundred billion tomans.

The end of the stock market is September 19

Entry and exit of real money

Investigating the ownership statistics of real people today indicates the withdrawal of real people’s capital from the stock market. The capital inflow and outflow index at the end of today’s stock exchange reports the outflow of 406 billion tomans from shares, preemptive rights and equity funds.

The highest transaction value

During today’s trading, Shapna, Sesefha and Vakhrazem shares have the highest trading value, and Shasta, Day and Khodro shares have recorded the highest volume of transactions respectively. Also, the share of Fars also got the highest market value. Vegstar gained the highest yield of the day with an increase of seven percent. On the other hand, Shesina recorded the worst performance with a drop of 6.98% in today’s market.

Enter smart money

The highest net real purchase was also awarded to the shares of Vakhrazem, Shastan and Vepast. Also, shares of Vakhrazem, Gedna and Thepardis also received smart money during today’s trading. On the other hand, the stock filters show that Shepna, Shabandar and Webmelet symbols had smart money withdrawals.

It should be noted that the highest number of real purchases per capita was in Sazari, Retco and Ainde shares. Also, Sakht recorded the highest demand pressure during today’s trading. On the other hand, the highest supply pressure was also in the symbol of Sesafha.

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