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The entry of the Article 90 Commission led to a return to the capacity of the residency exam / increase in the admission capacity of accredited students will be pursued

Fars News Agency – Health Group: The shortage of physicians in disadvantaged areas has made it difficult to access health care, even at the basic level. On the other hand, this has led to a longer waiting list for medical services. Forming a patient queue to receive services is one of the most important factors in reducing the quality of services, limiting access to the doctor, increasing medical errors and unconventional payments (under the table) and consequently increasing costs in the health system. The issue has recently been addressed by the Article 90 Commission, which has called for an increase in the admission of medical students in accordance with the law.

In this regard, Hassan Shojaei, the head of the Article 90 Commission, said in a live Instagram conversation about the impact of the shortage of doctors on the management of coronary heart disease: “Under normal circumstances, we face a shortage of general practitioners and specialists. It’s more than ever, and part of the problem we have with Corona today is the lack of a doctor.

Iranian physician per capita; Less than Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

He added: “The per capita physician in Iran is 11.7 per 10,000 people, while this figure is between 30 and 50 in leading countries, ie the per capita physician in Iran is one-fourth of these countries.” Iran’s per capita physician is not in a good position in the region and is ranked twentieth among 25 countries, and Iran’s per capita physician is less than Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. These conditions are not worthy of our country.

The head of the Article 90 Commission further pointed out the shortage of specialist doctors in the country: The per capita specialist in Iran is 5.9 per 10,000 population, this per capita in European countries is between 20 to 30 doctors. In certain specialties such as cardiology, gynecology, kidney and urinary tract and ophthalmology, this deficiency is much more pronounced.

Lack of dentist; It has made dentistry an unattainable service

Referring to the high cost of dental services, Shojaei said: “The per capita number of dentists in our country is 3.2 per 10,000 people, while the average per capita of leading countries in the field of health is 8 dentists per 10,000 people, and considering that the main cost of services Dentistry is related to the dentist’s salary, this shortage has led to a sharp increase in the price of these services so that many people can not use these services due to the high cost of dentistry.

Mass production of deprivation with a shortage of physicians

He further lamented the lack of doctors in deprived areas: “Unfortunately, the distribution of doctors in the country is not good, about 45% of the country’s specialists are present in Tehran, while Tehran has only 11% of the country’s population.”

The MP added: “This shortage of doctors has caused a lot of damage to the people and people have to travel long distances to reach the doctor.” Currently, some health donors are trying to pay for people traveling from deprived areas to cities to access a doctor. On the one hand, with the severe shortage of physicians, mass production of deprivation is done, and on the other hand, we encourage a number of donors to solve the problem that has been mass-produced, on a case-by-case basis.

Expressing concern about the retirement of half of doctors in the near future, Shojaei said: “The population over 60 in the country will triple in the next 20 years, and given that 80% of medical services are over 60, there is a huge need for doctors in 20 Will be created next year.

Return of residency capacity to the year 99 with the arrival of the Article 90 Commission

He pointed out the significant shortages of several hundred percent in the field of general practitioners and specialists: “Instead of seeing an annual increase in the capacity of the residency exam, we suddenly saw a decrease in the capacity of the residency exam this year compared to last year.” With the complaint of a number of candidates for the residency exam to the Article 90 Commission regarding the significant reduction of the capacity of the residency exam in 1400 compared to 1399, a case was filed in the Article 90 Commission. In this case, even the Administrative Court of Justice had ordered an increase in capacity, but the former officials of the Ministry of Health did not comply with this ruling, so we invited the officials to the commission.

The head of the Article 90 Commission, referring to the presence of former officials of the Ministry of Health in the meetings of the commission and the effort to find out the truth, noted: But we did not see such a thing for whatever reason.

Hojjatoleslam Shojaei emphasized: The managers of the Ministry of Health are responsible for removing the obstacles to increasing the medical capacity, not for citing these obstacles themselves and justifying their wrong decision with these obstacles. After this meeting, the officials agreed to return the capacity of accepting assistants to the year 99. Officials are required to provide admission capacity for national and assistant exams in later years and to remove barriers.

He added: “The officials of the Ministry of Health in the issue of medical capacities do not act in a way that removes the accusation of conflict.”

The commission will follow the implementation of the law on the admission of accredited students

Finally, emphasizing that the Article 90 Commission will continue to address the shortage of doctors, the MP said: “A letter sent to the new Minister of Health by the Commission until the admission of accredited students in 1400, from 6% to 30%, which is a legal requirement, increase And the Article 90 Commission will follow up on its implementation in the coming years.

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