The fascinating battle of the wrestling stars ended with the victory of Bank Shahr – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr News Agency, at the end of the Premier League of Open Wrestling of the country’s clubs, the Bank Shahr team won 5 to 5 against the Massazan team. Hoten became a hero

Also, in the ranking match, Islamic Azad University of Mazandaran defeated Pas Tehran with a score of 7:3 and placed third.

The individual results of this meeting are as follows (on the left side of Massazan Hooten, on the right side of Bank Shahr):

57 kg: Zaur Ogoev 7 – Alireza Sarlak Safar
61 kg: Mohammad Khodabakhshi Safar – Abbas Gadzi Magmedov 10
65 kg: Shamil Mamedov 4 (technical shot) – Morteza Qiyazi 1
70 kg: Enyakif Sharif 12 – Amir Mohammad Yazdani 10
74 kg: Yunus Emami 4 – Magomed Rasul Gazimamagmadov 5
79 kg: Mohammad Nakhudi Safar – Ali Sawadkohi 6
86 kg: Mobin Azimi 7 – Mohammad Javad Ebrahimi 2
92 kg: Amirhossein Firozpour Safar – Amir Ali Azarpira 3
97 kg: Ali Shabani Safar – Ahmad Baziri 11
125 kg: Amirreza Masoumi 4 – Yadaleh Mohebi 1

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