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The libero of the national volleyball team: We have to deal with the situation and let the shortcomings not affect our concentration

According to Fars news agency, Mohammad Reza Mozen, regarding the meeting of the national volleyball teams of Iran and Bulgaria in the third week of the League of Nations in Anaheim, added: “We know Bulgaria well and according to the information we have, apart from Nikolov, it is almost the same team that they played against last year.” We went to the square. All in all, we will try our best to have a good and regular game. Hopefully we can win the race.

Stating that there are problems with the absence of the head coach, some members of the technical staff and players, but we are trying to cope with these conditions, he clarified: We must think in such a way that these issues do not affect our focus too much. Hopefully, in the third week of the League of Nations, we will be able to come out of the field proud and victorious from the remaining three games.

Iran’s national volleyball team will face Bulgaria at 7:00 AM on Friday, July 16, in their second match in the third week of the League of Nations in Anaheim.

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