The national championship kickboxing tournament started in Ardabil

In an interview with IRNA, the head of the board of the Ardabil Martial Arts Association on Thursday, on the sidelines of the tournament in the 6,000-seat Rezazadeh Hall in Ardabil, said: The presence of Akbar Talei, the head of the World Organization in this field, will be hosted by Ardabil for 2 days.

Islam Abdi said: in this competition, a total of 220 athletes from 17 provinces of the country will compete in the form of 20 teams in the age categories of infants, teenagers, youth and adults.

He stated that one team from each province and three teams from Ardabil province (Ardabil Municipality and 2 teams of the Provincial Martial Arts Association) participated in this competition, and said: 50 martial artists from Ardabil province are participating in this competition. .

The head of the board of the Martial Arts Association of Ardabil province stated: The top members of these competitions will be sent as members of our national team to the World Championships in Japan, which will be held in September this year.

Abdi added: “Considering that kickboxing is one of the most popular and exciting disciplines, the security of the hall and the stadium has been provided by the police and the presence of women spectators has also been provided.”

He called for more support from the province’s sports authorities and continued: “There were problems in the accommodation of athletes, which was solved with the cooperation of education.”

Referring to the capabilities and potentials of Ardabil province, he said: “We hope to be a worthy host for athletes and teams participating in these competitions, as in previous years.”

According to IRNA, the martial sport of kickboxing is a combination of the martial arts of Muay Thai, Karate and Boxing, which has been born for more than 30 years. In kickboxing, it is forbidden to beat an opponent who has fallen on the ground.

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