The national championship wrestling competitions will be held on time – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr news agency and quoting the wrestling federation, Mohammad Ebrahim Emami stated: with the inquiry made by the wrestling federation from the presidential office, the date of the president’s presence in Gorgan does not coincide with the date of the national championship. Earlier, it was reported that the president’s visit to Gorgan coincided with the national championship freestyle wrestling tournament and the first stage of the national team selection cycle, and the possibility of postponing the tournament is not far-fetched.

He continued: the president of the wrestling federation immediately made the necessary follow-ups from the head of the presidential office and after the negotiations, the necessary assistance was provided in this field and the concurrence of this trip with the mentioned competitions was eliminated.

Emami added: “Thus, the freestyle wrestling competitions of the country’s adult championship will be held in Gorgan from January 12 to 14, according to the previous schedule.”

In the end, the spokesman of the Wrestling Federation noted: “We hope that with the cooperation of the officials of Golestan Province, the Wrestling Federation and the Provincial Wrestling Board, this competition, which is very important for the country’s wrestling and is the main stage of the national team selection cycle, will be held at a desirable level.”


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