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The necessity of generalizing the successful experience of providing Arbaeen currency to currency exchanges with neighboring countries

Rahman Saadat in a conversation with Iran Economist regarding the allocation of Iraqi dinars instead of dollars to Arbaeen Hosseini pilgrims and the effect of this issue on the foreign exchange market, he stated: A major part of business in the world is dependent on the use of valid international currencies and considering that foreign exchange reserves It is very important for all countries of the world, so currencies should be ranked based on needs and priorities.

This economist stated: Central Bank made a smart move during the days of Hosseini’s Arbaeen, by using such a method, to provide foreign currency for pilgrimages. This model of providing currency for traveling to countries close to Iran has a lot of potential to be implemented.

Saadat continued: The use of national currencies of nearby countries will reduce the demand for dollars, and the government can use dollar and euro resources to use in imports related to industry or health and basic goods.

Semnan University faculty member said: It should be kept in mind that Iraq also requires Iranian currency, and as much as we have pilgrimages to Iraq and use dinars, Iraqi people also need Rials for pilgrimages to Iran, so the solution The central bank can somehow facilitate the currency balance between the two countries.

He stated: The balance between the two currencies can cause the dollar to be removed from the framework of foreign exchange and trade between the two countries of Iran and Iraq and even neighboring countries. and use world currencies such as dollars and euros in global exchanges.

This economist emphasized: We can also use bilateral currencies in exchanges and regional pilgrimage and tourism needs; For example, in opening discussions between the embassies of Iran and Saudi Arabia, the national currency of the two countries can be used in relations.

Therefore, this year’s report, unlike previous years, with the decision of the Central Bank, Iraqi dinars were allocated instead of dollars for the journey of Arbaeen pilgrims.

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