The return of the markets in the third week of July 1401/ fall of gold and stock market

According to Tejarat News, Market performance in the third week of Julyshows that two markets have grown and two markets have fallen.

Dollar price

Dollar price In the third week of July, it grew by 0.18%. This figure for last week was 0.46%.

National ExchangeOn Thursday, July 23, he announced the selling rate of the dollar at 27,905 tomans. Meanwhile, on Thursday, the 16th of July, the exchange board showed the figure of 27,855 Tomans.

The dollar of the National Exchange increased slightly this week. Of course, it moved towards the new channel in the middle days, but it again decreased somewhat.

Dollar price fluctuations

The price of the dollar in the open market was somewhat higher yesterday compared to the previous days. Of course, some Telegram channels that announce the prices of the currency market were not updated from the end of Thursday, July 16, to the end of Wednesday. Yesterday, some of them had limited rates, which showed the dollar on the verge of entering a higher channel. Of course, some sources also believe that these channels announce prices higher than the real figure.

Yesterday morning, the world of economics wrote about the state of the market: “Hearings from the central core of Tehran’s foreign exchange market indicate that currency transactions have flourished with agreed rates. Each of the authorized foreign exchange companies buy and sell foreign banknotes at their favorite rate. In the meantime, the informal transactions of the currency market have lost their former fervor. Despite the increase in the free dollar rate in neighboring markets, the price of this currency has not experienced much growth in Tehran transactions. Many analysts believe that until micro-currency needs are met through the new policy of the central bank, the unofficial dollar rate does not have its former freedom of action. In fact, this currency cannot move parallel to the neighboring markets.

According to this report, on Wednesday, the price of each sheet of American banknote increased by about 50 tomans compared to the previous day and reached a rate that, of course, was far from the higher channel.

However, according to the report of Ekhtaz News, yesterday, Thursday, July 23, the price of the dollar recorded a significant jump. According to the traders, yesterday the dollar price spring was lost from the hands of the market maker. The price of the dollar in Tehran, after suffering for several days, jumped towards the new channel today and stopped near the new channel. Some traders even said that the price of the dollar was above the new channel.

gold price

According to Tejarat News, the yield of the gold market also decreased by 0.28% in the week ending on July 24, 1401. This market experienced the biggest price drop last week with 3.38% negative return.

gold price On Thursday, it reached one million 380 thousand 20 tomans. This is despite the fact that each gram of gold was traded for 1 million 383 thousand 945 Tomans on the 16th day of July.

Prices for coins

But coin market buyers experienced price growth this week. In this period, the positive return for the new design coin was 0.33%. This was the largest growth among financial markets. This is despite the fact that this market experienced a 2.60% drop last week. Both gold and coins had negative returns in the past weeks. But this week, gold experienced a decline and the coin experienced growth.

Prices for coins The new plan was announced on Thursday, July 23, 15 million and 50 thousand tomans. The coin was worth 15 million tomans last week.

Market Gold and coins Also this week, it experienced fluctuations under the influence of the dollar price trend. gold price In the middle of the week that is coming to an end, it was close to the channel of one million and 400 thousand tomans, but continued to decrease. In recent days, the price trend of gold was mainly in a downward spiral. Of course, gold ended the week with an increase, but it still experienced a decrease in yield compared to the previous week.

Prices for coins But there was a slight fluctuation. In such a way that the coin of the new design remained within the range of 15 million Tomans. The price of the old coin also fluctuated in the range of 13,350,000 and 400,000 Tomans. Both coin designs ended the week lower. But the new design coin had a positive return compared to the previous week.

Price oz Also, which had a downward trend throughout the last week, fell to the $1,600 channel yesterday, but returned to a higher level again.

Market performance in the third week of July 1401


But in another way Market performance in the third week of JulyOverall Index Exchange Like last week, it dropped. The capital market ended this week at the level of 1 million 490 thousand 51 units.

Meanwhile, the total index of the stock market reached 1,502,603 ​​units on the last working day of last week, Wednesday, July 15. These figures mean a 0.84% ​​drop in the total index. This is the largest negative return among financial markets. Last week, the stock market lost 0.73% of the total index.

Sarah Fallah, a capital market expert, said in her weekly stock market forecast: The third week of July was a very cold week for the capital market. A record low for the value of retail stocks in the past four months occurred this week. On the other hand, it was evident that real estates were leaving the market, and we saw very little purchase of legal estates in the market.

He continued: Most traders are looking for sales and exit from the beginning of the morning until noon. If someone wants to buy, they can easily make their purchase.

Effective signals on market performance

According to Tejarat News, the financial markets have been affected in recent times Vienna negotiations were located

During his visit to the occupied territories, the American president said that his country will use force as the last option to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Joe Biden said that even at the cost of not reaching a nuclear agreement, he is not willing to remove the name of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards from the black list (ILNA).

In a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, he emphasized the need to advance diplomacy with Iran.

Despite the fact that during his visit to occupied Palestine, Biden signed a declaration, some of which were against the Islamic Republic of Iran, he emphasized the need for diplomacy towards Iran and said: “Diplomacy is the best way to prevent the acquisition of nuclear weapons” (Persian). .

Putin’s trip to Tehran

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin next week on July 19 [۲۸تیر] He travels to Tehran. Putin will attend a tripartite meeting with Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi and Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Tehran and hold bilateral meetings as well (ISNA).

Jake Sullivan, US national security adviser, said: “The timing of Putin’s visit to Tehran is important.”

Continuing his claims against Iran, the National Security Adviser of the White House said: Russia’s deepening of relations with Iran to kill Ukrainians is a serious threat to the world. (Isna)

Iran is trying to reach a serious agreement

On the other hand, Amir Abdullahian, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country, said in a conversation with an Italian newspaper: “The new government of Iran has conducted serious negotiations with its counterparts on the nuclear issue.” We reached a draft that is 90% approved by 4+1 and also by the Americans. We are in contact with the Americans to cancel the sanctions.

He added: They are consulting through the European Union and foreign ministers of some countries. Much progress has been made in both the draft and the ideas that have been proposed.

Abdullahian emphasized: Iran is trying to reach a serious and stable agreement and is determined to revive the JCPOA (Isna).

Internal and external signals

Recently, signals have been sent to the currency market that can affect the price of the dollar. These messages are on the one hand Nuclear negotiations and the effective cases are related to it and on the other hand to the internal realities affecting the market.

The interbank interest rate reached 20.95% at the end of the third week of July and continued its upward trend.

Hojatullah Farzani, a banking expert, in a conversation with Tejarat News, said about the impact of interbank interest rate changes on inflation and the capital, gold, and foreign exchange markets: This impact depends on the performance of the central bank in response to this change. If the central bank enters this market and collects resources at a high interest rate, it will reduce the liquidity available to banks.

He stated: In this way, changes in the interbank interest rate can act as a contractionary monetary policy and affect liquidity and inflation control. Therefore, we should pay attention to the question of what the central bank’s policy is in the current situation.

In the meantime, it seems that the government continues to try to bring the dollar rate of the national exchange closer to the free market. On the other hand, it tries to control the dollar rate in the free market with currency manipulation and security measures. Of course, it seems that at the end of this week, he was not successful in this regard.

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